Wednesday, November 2, 2011

rebranding: welcome to closet fete

while a lot of the items that are in/will be in the shop are thrifted, there are/will be quite a few that are not, that are brand new, never worn, etc, so i have decided to rebrand the shop.

the new name is: closet fete. it essentially translates into closet party.

and that seemed really appropriate.

the whole goal behind my starting this shop was to share some of the great finds that i come across with others (like you!!) that they could hopefully add to the party in their own closet (or cupboard)!

so, closet fete it is.


  1. Those vintage shoes with the bows are so awesome. Why didn't I think of going vintage when I got married?

    1. LOL...because there are a million and 1 options when it comes to weddings.

      I am sure what you chose was lovely ;)